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Global Adapter with 2 USB Ports
Our all-in-one Global Adapter changes the plug shape for worldwide use--designed for dual-voltage appliances and USB devices, or use in combination with a converter. Compact and easy to fit in your luggage, it has seven built-in plug configurations for use in over 150 countries on every continent. ..
8,136 Points
Auto-Inflating Travel uPillow
U-pillow design holds your head just right for perfect naps. Built-in layer of memory foam feels great. No blowing! Self-inflates with a twist of the intake valve . Compresses flat for easy packing . For softer support, squeeze a little air out. For softer support, squeeze a little air out. :For fir..
9,764 Points
BioSense Memory Foam Travel Pillow
We added a pressure-relieving BioSense memory foam core to the year-round, hypoallergenic comfort of our Better than Down Sleep Pillows in a smaller size to create the BioSense Travel Pillow. The BioSense Memory Foam core conforms to every curve of your head, neck and shoulders to help relieve press..
9,902 Points
Electric Adapter with Ballistic Case
The Tumi Electric Adaptor is a convenient travel device that provides four different plug configurations in one unit for non-grounded electrical connectivity that works in 150 countries. It is suitable for use with most 2-pole plugs (protection class II) and provides a safe way to plug in and power ..
10,862 Points
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